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Meet the Doctor

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Dr. Nicole Klein

Dr. Nicole Klein is a seasoned dentist based in Winter Haven, FL, with an impressive decade-long commitment to enhancing the oral health of Polk County residents. Graduating from the University of Florida Dental School with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, she established a solid foundation for her career. Driven by a passion for continuous improvement, Dr. Klein pursued advanced training at the NASH Institute for Dental Learning. There, she honed her skills in Cosmetic Dentistry, staying abreast of the latest techniques to provide her patients with cutting-edge and personalized care. Her dedication is further evident through her certification in Invisalign, showcasing her commitment to offering modern orthodontic solutions.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Klein places a strong emphasis on patient well-being, ensuring each individual receives compassionate and tailored dental care. Her approach is characterized by a genuine concern for her patients' needs, fostering a trusting relationship that extends beyond the dental chair.

With a wealth of experience and a genuine commitment to her patients, Dr. Nicole Klein continues to be a trusted and caring presence in the Winter Haven dental community, providing comprehensive and compassionate dental services.

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